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"Thanks for stopping by"

"Thanks for stopping by"

I've been linked to the great outdoors and the allure of nature for longer than I can remember. After a military spell, of twelve years! I boarded the rollercoaster of adventure that is wildlife and landscape imaging, and never looked back. Adventurous highs and at times nerve wracking lows, experiences that money simply cannot buy have been the reward thus far. From exploring Bat and Snake filled caves on obscure Indonesian islands, being the first human to SCUBA dive on a pristine Micronesian reef or being stalked by Lions in Africa and more. I've been fortunate enough to witness events and situations that leave me in awe of the incredible beauty and diversity of our Earth's natural wonders. And that ride, the rollercoaster, isn't over yet, so buckle up, strap in and get ready for adventure....

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Respect + Understanding = WILD Adventures

Ethical imaging practices whether in steaming jungles, mountain tops or to the depths of the Oceans offer supreme encounters in the Sea, in the Wild and on Earth

Okinawa, JapanIslands of the Pacific

Services Include Custom Time-lapse Imaging up to 8K

I embrace all forms of creative time-lapse imaging to illustrate the passage of time whilst showcase the complexities and beauty of our natural planet.

2020 Olympics Games

Based in Tokyo and specialising in time-lapse I'm available to provide 4K Video and 8K Time-lapse sequences specific to Japan in the run up to the 2020 Olympic Games to be be held at venues throughout this incredibly vibrant city, and beyond.


Wildlife, both Underwater and Terrestrial, filming commissions welcomed in complete confidentiality. I work to exacting standards offering professionalism, dynamic and cost effective results, all with zero compromise to quality.

Emerging Technology

I am particularly taken with investigating the potential for natural history media as content for virtual reality applications. Beyond that the scales of interest tip between the 8K UHD format and the options for smart device filmmaking.

A Timelapse Project to Highlight a Rising Issue.

As the saying goes; "Time and tide wait for no man". For most people the ideal of a paradise setting is epitomised by the lush vegetation and aesthetic of the island nations dotted around the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. 'Island Time' is the working title for a time-lapse project that aims to address the uncertain future these nations face as they stare down what is essentially the smoking barrel of a global warming gun. Set to cultural music and interspersed with accounts spoken in regional dialects of elders from 14 Pacific Nations, this film aims to shed light on the issue of rising sea levels. An issue we can no longer ignore.

ISLAND TIME - Get Involved
A Timelapse Project to Highlight a Rising Issue.

Custom Order Timelapse Sequences From Japan

From 1080P to 8K, 30fps to 48fps, static, panning or three axis. Four day turnaround. Specialising in transitional day to night urban scenes or natural landscapes under starry skies.

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