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stock footage pricing for timelapse sequences

Stock Pricing for Time-lapse Sequences

Stock footage, how much does one charge for stock footage, especially when it relates to time-lapse imaging? This is...
25th Aug 16
Miops Trigger to Sponsor MoTIFF 2017

Miops announce sponsorship of MoTIFF 2017

Ever heard of the Miops Trigger? As a creative photographer it is a small device that you should have...
24th Aug 16
iOS Imaging, simple yet powerful.

iOS Imaging, simple enjoyment.

iOS Imaging, ‘iPhoneography‘, smart photography, cell phone snaps, call them what you will but with cameras on smart devices...
22nd Aug 16


What a great result? I’m happy to share that the efforts of my first endeavour at time-lapse filmmaking have...
20th Aug 16
Kessler Crane Second Shooter Plus

A New Era, with support from Kessler Crane

It’s the call any shooter welcomes, a call that heralds a new chapter in the life as a pixel...
18th Aug 16
Yanbaru, Forests of the North

Yanbaru, Forests of the North

Yanbaru? “What or where the heck is that”? I hear you ask. Well it’s been an astonishing past few...
18th Jul 16