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Moondog Labs anamorphic Lens adds dynamic production value.

Feeling the Squeeze?

Moondog Labs, great name. My attention was drawn to this product as I was researching the potential for iOS...
15th Jun 16
Ambition is a good thing, it drives us.

Ambition Drives the Shifting of Goalposts

Ambition in Photography is the one force, the main force, that drives our determination. Photography is a funny old...
30th May 16
iPhoneography Timelapse Tutorial

iPhoneography Timelapse Workflow

iPhoneography, the purists pooh pooh the idea of creating visual imagery with it; “A smart device”? “C’mon get real”....
28th May 16

The Postcard Conspiracy

I was just below the surface and even there I could hear them waiting, plotting, gloating. My respite from...
23rd May 16
tutorials are a great way to retain contact with your audience

Motion Timelapse Tutorial

For all of you time-lapsing photographers out there and indeed those of you just getting into this art form...
19th May 16

Wildlife Filming with an iPhone

We all love a great adventure, and one of those I’m checking out more and more is the option...
30th Apr 16