Monthly Archives: March 2016

18 Mar 2016

I Can’t Imagine…

A World without Elephants or Rhino? What kind of a World would that be? My generation, those born in the 60’s, sheesh, time flies, have been privy to witnessing some of the greatest, and lowest, moments of human endeavour. We saw the jump from black and white to colour TV, we’ve seen a man on the moon, or was that a film set in a garage in Nevada? we’ve welcomed the digital age and technological advances thought impossible just a […]

15 Mar 2016

African Wildlife Crisis

I don’t know about you but I get increasingly depressed when I read of the daily struggle the iconic wildlife in Africa is currently facing. Little Asian men, in every sense, and their incessant drive to boost their flagging libido’s and status have been the driving factor¬†behind what is potentially the most intense and prolonged poaching phase these animals have ever faced. The numbers are simply mind boggling with an estimated 96 Elephants throughout the African Continent are killed daily, […]

08 Mar 2016

Sea Wild Earth video intro Motion Graphic

Over the past number of years I’ve gone off more on a photographic tangent than that of my initial drive as a cameraman. I started out mainly underwater and have since migrated more towards terrestrial filming and imagery making. This is about to change, and hopefully in a dramatic way. Discussions are underway that could lead to an incredible adventure on the plains of Africa, a return to the red clay, to a place where days are palpable, alive and […]