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30 Apr 2016

Wildlife Filming with an iPhone

We all love a great adventure, and one of those I’m checking out more and more is the option to create movies and record wildlife with smart devices. Capable of more than ‘selfies’ or food and pet pics these cameras in smart devices are getting more and more powerful as each new model emerges. This was shot on an iPhone6 with the iPhone6S about to be waved in anger too. Unbelievable to think that we can now film in 4K […]

30 Apr 2016

The Art of Refusal

As photographers and videographers, in fact any creative artist that draws a crowd, there comes a time when we have to simply say “No”. What do I mean? Sponsorship. Now this is a multi faceted beast so I’m going to attempt to broach it from my stand point in the understanding that every potential similar situation has its own set of equally unique parameters. As it can be seen I have a pretty incredible Twitter following. I don’t put that […]

26 Apr 2016

Getting Smart About Wildlife Filming

One technological advance over the past decade or so has been the continuing evolution of the personal cell phone. When they became the must have accessory I can remember the grainy 1.6MP imagery being wrung from them. At that time it seemed the feeling amongst the manufacturers was a simple case of “Oh, here have a camera thrown in for good measure”. As this was also before the dawn of the ‘Selfie’ I imagine that the thought process behind that […]

18 Apr 2016
12 Apr 2016

‘Yanbaru’ – Forests of the North

Okinawa is a verdant island in Southern Japan. Famous for its SCUBA Diving, white powder sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It also serves as home to an incredible array of lesser know wildlife tucked out of the way in the rolling green hills of the forested North. It seems everything we speak about these days, in the natural history sense, is threatened, endangered or precipitously close to extinction. Living in Japan I am, as many of you outside of […]

08 Apr 2016

Invasion of the Killer Toads

It doesn’t seem to end. Wildlife lovers the world over hang their heads with concern and heavy hearts every time we hear of the latest numbers of Elephants, Rhino’s, Sharks, Tigers, Pangolins, Bears, Tigers and Hornbills (sheesh the list is getting longer) that authorities know of that have been poached, dehorned, finned, descaled, butchered, poisoned, slaughtered or drained, in the case of the Bear Bile industry, to feed the ever voracious ‘needs’ of the vain. The illegal wildlife trade is […]