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30 May 2016
Ambition is a good thing, it drives us.

Ambition Drives the Shifting of Goalposts

Ambition in Photography is the one force, the main force, that drives our determination. Photography is a funny old game though insofar that it is so massively diverse in its potential that as one travels through its many genres it has a habit of reaching out, snagging our interest, averting our gaze from that which attracted us to it in the first place. Ambition never gets lost, in my humble opinion, whether within photography or not, we all have ambition, to […]

28 May 2016
iPhoneography Timelapse Tutorial

iPhoneography Timelapse Workflow

iPhoneography, the purists pooh pooh the idea of creating visual imagery with it; “A smart device”? “C’mon get real”. No longer a laughing matter today’s smart devices are packing cameras with an increasing amount of punch, it is the area of smart imaging, and in my case, of iPhoneography. For the most part, in the video realm they’re armed with the capacity to shoot in the latest buzz format that is 4K, in lower resolutions they offer higher frame rates […]

23 May 2016

The Postcard Conspiracy

I was just below the surface and even there I could hear them waiting, plotting, gloating. My respite from the pain all to brief, dictated by the capacity of my lungs mixed with my prowess of not taking the warnings from my brain too seriously. Pretty soon the compelling needs of my body, and my mere existence, forced me skyward. I needed to breathe, to fill my lungs with that all too needed elixir of life, Oxygen. I was prepared […]

19 May 2016
tutorials are a great way to retain contact with your audience

Motion Timelapse Tutorial

For all of you time-lapsing photographers out there and indeed those of you just getting into this art form here’s a recent short tutorial that I appear in that was shot on location around Yokohama in Japan by a good friend of mine from Okinawa, Adam Lewis. As I am sponsored by the SYRP company in New Zealand who make a device called the Genie Mini which allows panning motions to be programmed and incorporated into timelapse photography they asked […]