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14 Sep 2016
Sayonara Japan

Sayonara Japan

Sayonara Japan, words I didn’t think I’d be uttering after just having pretty much arrived in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, OK so it’s been almost three years since our departure from Bali. Time flies. I may hasten to add that this is a ‘Sayonara’ in the sense of “We’re outta here” as opposed to a ‘Sayonara’ in a sense of “Good Riddance”. Whilst there are a number of contributing factors the one underlying catalyst for my rapidly flicking […]

02 Sep 2016

SEAWILDEARTH, Running scared that we’re out of time?

I am a father, and I am scared. I am a conservationist, and I am scared. I am a humanist, and I am scared. Three situations, three questions, I digress, three unanswered questions. I’m scared for the World into which my almost 4year old son will step and try to survive. Rather than be scared I’d much prefer to try and find a solution, but in reality, is that a futile stance? I’m humiliated by the action of my species […]