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25 Jan 2017
Successful content marketing starts with a great vision

The Nature of Successful Content Marketing

Successful content marketing will be the defining factor in corporate identity as this increasingly popular approach to marketing takes hold. By this I mean the emerging trend for video becoming the vehicle of choice with which to serve up consumer driven traffic. By all accounts, or by some of the leading web analytic services that is, it’s expected that by 2019 some 80% of all online consumer traffic will be showcased via some form of video delivery. I previously penned […]

20 Jan 2017
Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography

Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography

Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography may sound like a mammoth task to set yourself but in reality this imaging mode is not that difficult. In fact, all it needs are a few small, read cheap, items to help you create works of art that will leave your imaging buddies green with envy. That said it is not only the hardware that will make life easier, you have to get the technique dialled in if you are to indeed succeed in mastering […]

10 Jan 2017
popular Instagram hashtags for greater visibility

Top 100 Popular Instagram Hashtags for Greater Visibility

Employing the most popular Instagram hashtags is key if we’re after greater visibility for presence on that Channel. With greater visibility comes the potential to grow our audience. It’s something we all want, right? In fairness Instagram has done a great service to photography. It’s allowed people to both discover the fun that imaging brings and in many cases has allowed others to rediscover the joy of taking and sharing moments in their life that matter. Moments shared with family, […]

09 Jan 2017
Digital Content Marketing

Lights, Camera, errrrm, Content?

Digital content marketing in simplified terms is the digitising of a product line, service or characteristic of a provider or brand. Once digitised it is then the act of promoting that via digital channels such as blogs and social media. Brands do this in order to engage a current audience, to share in their evolutionary path, their adventure as it were. Goals of such undertakings reveal a constant battle for brands and services to find fresh, creative and ultimately exciting ways to […]

05 Jan 2017

I Thought Gravity Only Applied To Apples

“Damn you, Sir Issac Newton”, my immediate response. And there I was thinking that gravity only applied to apples! Staring down at my camera rolling around on the sidewalk this was made blatantly clear as not being so. Probably the most expensive ‘apple’ to grace the Japanese streets of Kawasaki City on that fateful night for sure! As a photographer it’s a personal trait of mine to not have any slings or straps connected to my cameras. Invariably I shoot on […]

04 Jan 2017
Video Content Marketing is the next big thing...

Why You Need to Start Adopting Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing? Is it something you’ve ever thought that could be right for your product or service? I know many folks out there associate YouTube with gamers and millennial antics but in reality YouTube is way more than that. Did you know for example that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the web? second only in stature to the mighty Google. Developing a YouTube Channel in order to adopt video content marketing as a progressive step […]