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14 Feb 2017
Adios Tokyo, it's been good...

Adios Tokyo it’s Been a Wild Ride, but Okinawa Beckons…

Adios Tokyo, it’s been a blast. Alas all good things must come to an end and thus today marks my last in this vibrant yet confusing jungle of noise, glass and neon. I will not miss your incessant traffic, mind numbingly efficient civil servants, trains one can set one’s watch by and of course the emergency services who even in the middle of night, and on empty streets, feel the need to sound their sirens. I will not miss the […]

02 Jan 2017
Looking forward to Imaging Adventures in 2017

Looking forward to Imaging Adventures in 2017

Adventures. We all crave them, whether tackling a mountain, swimming an Ocean or skydiving over a Pacific Atoll, they make us live, give us a sense of purpose, accomplishment. I’ve put 2016 ‘to bed’ and now shift my focus on what could be the potential for the year ahead. As you’re all aware we are taking a leap of faith and moving back to the UK, Scotland to be specific. Japan has been a wild ride but limiting in it’s […]

16 Dec 2016


#GoLive with Twitter Stoked to have been a part of this. It just goes to show that you never know who is watching or who may catch wind of your social adventures. Remember that crazy sunrise Periscope Video is broadcast from the slopes of Mount Fuji a month back? It was one of the best sunrises I’d seen in my life and believe me after having lived in the tropics for some 14years I’ve seen a lot! One highlight comment […]

16 Dec 2016
Concrete and dreams, imaging options abound, but for me the wrong kind of 'Jungle'...

Concrete and Dreams

Stuck in Concrete, Dreaming of the Wilderness… Concrete may not be the same colour as the jungles I often wish I was shooting in. Alas, when situations and life deal you with a set of cards it’s always best to play them as wisely as possible. Whilst I’m planning to change the direction of this particular chapter in my life it is also a chapter that I embrace. Concrete is grey, the jungles I seek are green. Concrete is rigid, […]

03 Nov 2016
Fuji Sunrise, the order of the day...

Oops, I think I broke the Internet!

It started out as any day, other than the fact I’d been up since 6am the previous day having made my way to the volcanic, windswept inclines of Mount Fuji in Japan. Living just a couple of hours away from this iconic landmark has led to a number of incredible moments, encounters and adventures in my imaging exploits in Japan to date. Mixed with the fact that, along with my wife and son Joshua, we’re laying plans in the hope […]

14 Sep 2016
Sayonara Japan

Sayonara Japan

Sayonara Japan, words I didn’t think I’d be uttering after just having pretty much arrived in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’, OK so it’s been almost three years since our departure from Bali. Time flies. I may hasten to add that this is a ‘Sayonara’ in the sense of “We’re outta here” as opposed to a ‘Sayonara’ in a sense of “Good Riddance”. Whilst there are a number of contributing factors the one underlying catalyst for my rapidly flicking […]