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02 Sep 2016

SEAWILDEARTH, Running scared that we’re out of time?

I am a father, and I am scared. I am a conservationist, and I am scared. I am a humanist, and I am scared. Three situations, three questions, I digress, three unanswered questions. I’m scared for the World into which my almost 4year old son will step and try to survive. Rather than be scared I’d much prefer to try and find a solution, but in reality, is that a futile stance? I’m humiliated by the action of my species […]

25 Aug 2016
stock footage pricing for timelapse sequences

Stock Pricing for Time-lapse Sequences

Stock footage, how much does one charge for stock footage, especially when it relates to time-lapse imaging? This is often a question I get from friends when discussing the genre. Time-lapse in itself is a unique beast insofar that it merges the two camps of still and motion imaging. As a 20yr+ video camera operator, I still shoot stock video, albeit rarely, as time-lapse is now my core focus. I have to look at the formulas of both genres and […]

24 Aug 2016
Miops Trigger to Sponsor MoTIFF 2017

Miops announce sponsorship of MoTIFF 2017

Ever heard of the Miops Trigger? As a creative photographer it is a small device that you should have in your bag at all times. I guess by now you are all aware that I’m organising a Time-lapse Film Festival here in Japan slated for next August? To give it it’s full name The Masters of Time-lapse International Film Festival, aka MoTIFF, is planned to take place on the weekend of 19-20th of August, 2017. As part of that project […]

22 Aug 2016
iOS Imaging, simple yet powerful.

iOS Imaging, simple enjoyment.

iOS Imaging, ‘iPhoneography‘, smart photography, cell phone snaps, call them what you will but with cameras on smart devices getting ever more powerful we tend to overlook the imaging potential we have at our disposal on a daily basis. This Blog post is a simple and short ode to the incredible yet simple option to be able to add a certain professional flair to weekend family memories simply by employing a little vision, one of a multitude of creative apps […]

20 Aug 2016


What a great result? I’m happy to share that the efforts of my first endeavour at time-lapse filmmaking have certainly borne fruit. I first heard about the 2016 Time-lapse Film Festival by way of a Blog update from an incredibly talented software developer, Gunther Wegner. Gunther is the creator and programmer of the hugely popular and widely accepted benchmark of editing plug in software for time-lapse filmmaking, namely LRTimelapse. His announcement of being one of the judges at the festival […]

18 Aug 2016
Kessler Crane Second Shooter Plus

A New Era, with support from Kessler Crane

It’s the call any shooter welcomes, a call that heralds a new chapter in the life as a pixel tickler. I was recently out shooting a series of short films in Northern Okinawa with just my iPhone, some of you may have seen that short series as I was quite noisy about it on social media. During that time, in fact just previous to my departure from my base in Yokohama I had an email from the marketing guys at […]