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05 Jan 2017

I Thought Gravity Only Applied To Apples

“Damn you, Sir Issac Newton”, my immediate response. And there I was thinking that gravity only applied to apples! Staring down at my camera rolling around on the sidewalk this was made blatantly clear as not being so. Probably the most expensive ‘apple’ to grace the Japanese streets of Kawasaki City on that fateful night for sure! As a photographer it’s a personal trait of mine to not have any slings or straps connected to my cameras. Invariably I shoot on […]

26 Dec 2016
Zippin' up my boots, heading back to my roots, yeah!

Zippin’ Up My Boots…

Zippin’ up my boots, heading back to my roots, yeah! That famed tagline from a timeless classic by Odissey, man they don’t make them like that anymore… After almost 30years of traveling I now find myself almost fearful of having just made probably one of the biggest decisions in my life, and at my age? At a time when most people are slipping into the twilight of their careers I now find myself lining up for what I hope will be […]

18 Dec 2016
Tokyo Street Photography in Shibaura Futo

Tokyo Street Photography

Tokyo street photography seems to be a genre of its own. One can’t turn a corner these days without seeing lenses, tripods and the odd Pixel Hobo vying for the best composition. Quite satisfying to see people out and about in Tokyo enjoying the city and looking to share the results of their imaging. All ‘Rice n Beans’ right? erm not exactly. It seems as much as people want to enjoy their urban imaging the powers that be, those who […]

23 May 2016

The Postcard Conspiracy

I was just below the surface and even there I could hear them waiting, plotting, gloating. My respite from the pain all to brief, dictated by the capacity of my lungs mixed with my prowess of not taking the warnings from my brain too seriously. Pretty soon the compelling needs of my body, and my mere existence, forced me skyward. I needed to breathe, to fill my lungs with that all too needed elixir of life, Oxygen. I was prepared […]

26 Apr 2016

Getting Smart About Wildlife Filming

One technological advance over the past decade or so has been the continuing evolution of the personal cell phone. When they became the must have accessory I can remember the grainy 1.6MP imagery being wrung from them. At that time it seemed the feeling amongst the manufacturers was a simple case of “Oh, here have a camera thrown in for good measure”. As this was also before the dawn of the ‘Selfie’ I imagine that the thought process behind that […]

12 Apr 2016

‘Yanbaru’ – Forests of the North

Okinawa is a verdant island in Southern Japan. Famous for its SCUBA Diving, white powder sand beaches and crystal clear waters. It also serves as home to an incredible array of lesser know wildlife tucked out of the way in the rolling green hills of the forested North. It seems everything we speak about these days, in the natural history sense, is threatened, endangered or precipitously close to extinction. Living in Japan I am, as many of you outside of […]