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05 Jan 2017

I Thought Gravity Only Applied To Apples

“Damn you, Sir Issac Newton”, my immediate response. And there I was thinking that gravity only applied to apples! Staring down at my camera rolling around on the sidewalk this was made blatantly clear as not being so. Probably the most expensive ‘apple’ to grace the Japanese streets of Kawasaki City on that fateful night for sure! As a photographer it’s a personal trait of mine to not have any slings or straps connected to my cameras. Invariably I shoot on […]

27 Dec 2016
Squid for Christmas

Squid for Christmas!

Squid for Christmas? Sacrilege. The above image is courtesy of my good lady wife, Terue, and goes to show very much that whilst Christmas may be celebrated around the World, possibly as just an excuse for another public holiday, the tradition of Turkey may just be confined to a few Western palates. Funnily enough though the Japanese tend to eat and see Chicken as more of the meat of choice at Christmas with the KFC outlets in the ‘Land of […]

26 Dec 2016
Zippin' up my boots, heading back to my roots, yeah!

Zippin’ Up My Boots…

Zippin’ up my boots, heading back to my roots, yeah! That famed tagline from a timeless classic by Odissey, man they don’t make them like that anymore… After almost 30years of traveling I now find myself almost fearful of having just made probably one of the biggest decisions in my life, and at my age? At a time when most people are slipping into the twilight of their careers I now find myself lining up for what I hope will be […]

20 Dec 2016
Motivation from imaging


Motivation. That’s my word of the day, motivation. We all need it, crave it at times maybe, but it’s something that keeps us going. Some find it in random displays of human kindness, others in more simpler manifestations. A sunny day, an Ocean breeze, the carefree abandonment of a child at play or quite simply a well meaning smile from a stranger. For me, imaging motivates me. Whether that is from photographic or video imaging it doesn’t matter. Simple actions of […]

30 May 2016
Ambition is a good thing, it drives us.

Ambition Drives the Shifting of Goalposts

Ambition in Photography is the one force, the main force, that drives our determination. Photography is a funny old game though insofar that it is so massively diverse in its potential that as one travels through its many genres it has a habit of reaching out, snagging our interest, averting our gaze from that which attracted us to it in the first place. Ambition never gets lost, in my humble opinion, whether within photography or not, we all have ambition, to […]

18 Apr 2016