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04 Jan 2017
Video Content Marketing is the next big thing...

Why You Need to Start Adopting Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing? Is it something you’ve ever thought that could be right for your product or service? I know many folks out there associate YouTube with gamers and millennial antics but in reality YouTube is way more than that. Did you know for example that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the web? second only in stature to the mighty Google. Developing a YouTube Channel in order to adopt video content marketing as a progressive step […]

28 Dec 2016
Sponsorship doesn't pay

Sponsorship Doesn’t Pay

Sponsorship, it’s something that as photographers and creative artists we tend to aim for in our professional relationships with the myriad of accessory manufacturers servicing the arts. For those looking in from the outside it’s also an aspect of the imaging business that tends to be¬†vastly misunderstood, a misinterpretation of exactly what the act of ‘Sponsorship’ actually entails. For the uninitiated the thoughts that some photographers don’t have the time to take images due to their counting piles of sponsorship […]