Lights, Camera, errrrm, Content?

Digital Content Marketing

Digital content marketing in simplified terms is the digitising of a product line, service or characteristic of a provider or brand. Once digitised it is then the act of promoting that via digital channels such as blogs and social media. Brands do this in order to engage a current audience, to share in their evolutionary path, their adventure as it were. Goals of such undertakings reveal a constant battle for brands and services to find fresh, creative and ultimately exciting ways to continually package, or indeed repackage, their content and product message. Digital content marketing is, above all, the task a brand undertakes in order to attract, retain and indulge their ongoing client base. It’s no easy task. Given that video is the current medium of choice, just look at how all major social channels are adjusting and refining their live stream capabilities, it therefore comes as no surprise that where these platforms go, the brands are sure to follow, as will the ever baying consumer, your clients!

Given this rise in popularity of the video medium it comes as no surprise that more and more brands are looking toward YouTube as their next logical marketing channel. For digital content marketing this is the perfect solution. Not only does YouTube have an incredibly active user base, that in turn translate into some pretty mind numbing statistics, but it is also the second largest search engine on the web, second only in size to Google. Another convincing factor is OTT, over the top content, an emerging tech trend for a viewing audience that streams web (YouTube) content through traditional Television screens. You’ll often hear ‘naysayers’ complain, as I once did, about the ongoing development in camera formats such as 4K, 8K and beyond. A central argument in such circles is the suggestion that “We’ll never be able to broadcast that to the mainstream so why bother”? Well surprise, surprise OTT already allows people to watch that 4k content, and beyond, direct in their home. YouTube is progressively and effectively assuming the role normally reserved for broadcast entities.

OK so how do I go about meeting this demand, I’m just a small bakery in the Scottish Highlands“? A common question, amongst small bakeries in the Scottish Highlands no doubt! A first step is to take a look at your brand from outside of the box. What you see and take for granted on a daily basis may have an incredible story attached to it. Digital content marketing sounds like a daunting task but in reality it’s a relatively simple one, and simplified further by the reduced attention span people have when surfing for information. I would suggest the first step as identifying your audience. Look at the analytics of your web presence. You can also get an idea by the insights and analytics offered by most of the major social platforms. Analysing that date should show you the demographics you’re catering to, you should also be able to see what has resonated in the past with your audience. These are the starting ingredients to your strategic plan of attack as it were. With this you can look at repackaging previous successful updates but also formulate a strategic plan for your digital content marketing campaign.

Still Stuck? Some Ideas Could Include

  • Bakeries or Food Production – Digitise your menu, one of the widespread and potentially viral subjects online has to do with all aspects of life we take for granted, food being way up there in the leader board. Short videos with a run time to around 4 to 5minutes each that outline the recipe, cooking process and some nice mouth watering shots at the video completion
  • Beverage Industry – Especially for those who incorporate locally sourced natural elements. Here you have the potential to tell the story not simply about your product but also about the natural characteristics of your location
  • Accommodation – It goes without saying, you are all about a destination. Beauty shots of your options along with destination promotions. A great way to also cross pollinate with local service and activity providers
  • Stately Accommodation – Maybe you offer accommodation in a Period built and Stately maintained facility. As above but also incorporating the history of the location by expanding on strategically placed focal antiques

Every brand or service has a story, it takes a creative mind to be able to convert and convey that massage with credibility and professionalism. One word of caution with tackling digital content marketing is that it is indeed a voracious beast, as is social media in general. One particular update may resonate well with your audience but it won’t be long before they’re baying for more. Like the bread baked with loving care at that small bakery in the Scottish Highlands, online content has a shelf life. It makes an impact but is soon forgotten. Successful digital strategies, on YouTube at least, suggest the key element to success is a regular update schedule. This could be twice weekly, weekly fortnightly or monthly although channels uploading just once a month tend to have greatly reduced growth rates. For services that have very specific and frenetic seasons it therefore suggests a better approach is to prepare a batch of content videos and then start drip feed updates to allow for some elbow room if a particularly busy time renders it impossible to produce content for one or two months.

Breathing life and creativity into what one may take for granted is also a sure fire way to reinvigorate the entrepreneurial spirit of a business or brand owner. Have fun with it, enjoy the adventure as that positive attitude will also resonate with your audience.

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