#GoLive with Twitter

Stoked to have been a part of this. It just goes to show that you never know who is watching or who may catch wind of your social adventures. Remember that crazy sunrise Periscope Video is broadcast from the slopes of Mount Fuji a month back? It was one of the best sunrises I’d seen in my life and believe me after having lived in the tropics for some 14years I’ve seen a lot! One highlight comment for me was from @Angels2Earth who commented at 9min 10sec “I can see Tomorrow from here”, just a profoundly smooth and inspiring quote. Anyways, Twitter got wind of it and ended up commissioning a small clip to appear in this their new ‘Hero Reel’ for the app. I’ve been told my salute to the sun will be beamed across Times Square, Rodeo Drive and other metropolitan hubs across the US as part of Twitter’s promotional campaign. At this time we need to have the separate app for Periscope installed if we want to broadcast to our following. This is soon to change as all Twitter users will soon have the option to #GoLive once they’ve composed their tweet to simply send as a Tweet or tap a #GoLive option that will then launch the broadcast feature. How awesome, and just another underlining that video is certainly the media option being courted by the majority of social giants at this time.

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