Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography

Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography

Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography may sound like a mammoth task to set yourself but in reality this imaging mode is not that difficult. In fact, all it needs are a few small, read cheap, items to help you create works of art that will leave your imaging buddies green with envy. That said it is not only the hardware that will make life easier, you have to get the technique dialled in if you are to indeed succeed in mastering iphone panorama photography. It’s an oft quoted saying that a “Picture paints 1000 words” and yet with video set to be the main vehicle for all online consumer traffic I thought it would better serve to make a video about the process.

As we are a visually stimulated species, mixed with the fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the web, second only to Google, who own it, I thought video would also convey the adventure of my heading into Yokohama Bay to see what I could shoot. In order to really get a sense of mastering iPhone panorama photography one needs to slam dunk the interpretation of a scene, but it’s more about the technique than anything else. I’ve done my best to explain this in exacting detail in the film and also introduce an additional hardware aspect into the mix. All in all the mixture of the location, the hardware, the technique and the results go towards serving as a great incentive for anyone looking to get into the art of iPhonoegraphy, or smart imaging in general so as not to sound too lenient towards one camp.

As you can probably also tell this YouTube Channel is also a new undertaking for me. Plans are afoot to create a channel that will focus on wildlife filmmaking, on all formats from iPhone Mini Series to full blown 4K documentaries, landscape imaging and a complete behind the scenes expose on the gear I’ll be using, the adventures, the highs and lows that this kind of imaging yields. So if you’re up for getting a fly on the wall insight and perspective into the trials and tribulations of mixed media acquisition please feel free to subscribe and drop a Comment or three on films and videos that will be uploaded as I steer that Channel through its course.


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