Miops announce sponsorship of MoTIFF 2017

Miops Trigger to Sponsor MoTIFF 2017

MoTIFF 2017 Sponsors Update
Ever heard of the Miops Trigger? As a creative photographer it is a small device that you should have in your bag at all times. I guess by now you are all aware that I’m organising a Time-lapse Film Festival here in Japan slated for next August? To give it it’s full name The Masters of Time-lapse International Film Festival, aka MoTIFF, is planned to take place on the weekend of 19-20th of August, 2017. As part of that project to which I now have three awesome judges lined up I have started out on the road to seek sponsors for prizes and rewards for the contesting filmmakers. More information in general can be found about the festival and the planning of the same at the website I’ve recently created for it. Alas to the sponsorship. 

I’m happy to announce that I’ve just received confirmation of our first sponsor. For those creative moments in Photography a custom trigger is often employed in order to reduce the potential for missed shots. Potentially the leading Camera Trigger, of which there are many, is manufactured and commercialised as the Miops Trigger. The Miops creative trigger options allow the photographer to select between Lightning, Sound, HDR, Time-lapse, Laser and DIY scenario’s by allowing the user access to a number of parameters relative to the trigger mode selected. For example with the Miops Trigger set to Time-Lapse mode the user gets to set the Interval, the number of shots to take on each trigger and the maximum number of shots to take as a failsafe.

In Laser Mode the user can by employing the use of a laser pointer, not provided with the Miops Trigger, in order to set up a triggering ‘Gate’ as it were, an invisible line from the laser pointer to the Laser receiving point on the front facing edge of the Miops itself. This can be better explained in the linked video that was created to show how a photographer set about photographing skateboard riders at a local park.

Miops Trigger

Employing the Miops Trigger allows a photographer the freedom to be as creative as their imagination allows. We only get better as creative artists when we look to push our boundaries and comfort zones, something that is accomplished with relative ease when using the Miops Trigger.

Needless to say in this age of smart phones and devices the Miops can also be operated by way of its own smart application suitable for both iOS and Android devices. Set up with an intuitive user interface the application allows the user to freely select and program any and all aspects of the trigger with ease.

With regards to the festival prizes, each Category during the finals will have five films battling for the honours of the top three slots. Films judged to be placed third in each Category will be awarded a Miops Trigger for their prize.

More information about this product can be found on the Miops Website.

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