Motion Timelapse Tutorial

tutorials are a great way to retain contact with your audience

For all of you time-lapsing photographers out there and indeed those of you just getting into this art form here’s a recent short tutorial that I appear in that was shot on location around Yokohama in Japan by a good friend of mine from Okinawa, Adam Lewis. As I am sponsored by the SYRP company in New Zealand who make a device called the Genie Mini which allows panning motions to be programmed and incorporated into timelapse photography they asked if I could do a small promo for the product. No worries. This video goes through the complete planning, shooting and editing of a day to night transition time-lapse, aka ‘Holy Grail’ technique, with incorporated panning motion.

For the ‘Gear Heads’ amongst you I used a Canon EOS 5DMkIII DSLR camera body fitted with a Novoflex EOS/NIK Adapter so that I could employ my favourite piece of glass, my Nikkor 14-24mm f2.8G ED. I shot a panning right to left motion over a period of 40minutes with a shot being taken every 5 seconds. In order to get the fluid effect on the lights I used a small aperture of f8 at ISO100 which was ramped once the shutter speed slowed sufficiently through the shoot. I had the gear resting on a Manfrotto 055XProB set of legs and all transported in a non camera intended backpack from Paxis.

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