The Nature of Successful Content Marketing

Successful content marketing starts with a great vision

Successful content marketing will be the defining factor in corporate identity as this increasingly popular approach to marketing takes hold. By this I mean the emerging trend for video becoming the vehicle of choice with which to serve up consumer driven traffic. By all accounts, or by some of the leading web analytic services that is, it’s expected that by 2019 some 80% of all online consumer traffic will be showcased via some form of video delivery. I previously penned in great detail the finer points of this and not wanting to repeat myself this post is more as a way to highlight and ‘pitch’ as it were a potential campaign utilising skill sets and proven abilities. It is in my opinion for any successful content marketing campaign to work a brand needs to look outside of it’s wrapper, it’s product line or service and delve into their history, their location and indeed the attractions of that location to truly make an impact.

So let’s take a look at a hypothetical situation, see this as a pitch of you will, one that your brand could envisage being a part of in the future. Everything is open to discussion.

You are a brand, a food or beverage commodity. Maybe you’re already established at National level or beyond with International acclaim. When people think of Scotland they envisage the magnetism of it’s rugged geology, they think of Castle ruins and of times gone by. They think of the potentially harsh way of life in the highlands, the cold Winter months that play host to storms that batter and form the impressive coastlines, and have done so for millennia. But beyond that the very utterance of “Scotland” evokes images of rosy cheeks, good banter, infectious laughter and souls warmed with a ‘wee dram’ of locally produced liquors, of stomachs satiated with the fine fare of the land. Scotland is also home to an impressive array of wildlife species and this is where I see the potential to create a truly successful content marketing campaign for any brand with vision. Your success to date has been such that your product or service often figures in the automated imagery one associates with as a result of hearing your nation mentioned as a focal topic of discussion. It could be argued that a campaign for ‘Brand X, the Nature of Scotland’ could very well be something that could benefit you tremendously.

With video already emerging as the vehicle of choice for content delivery would it not therefore make sense to start looking at developing a YouTube Channel for your ongoing marketing needs? You already have one? Have you started with the creation of meaningful content that will place you head and shoulders above your competition, or indeed solidify your already commanding market share? Think of it this way. Could you envisage your product line being associated with and promoted alongside the incredible diversity of Scottish flora and fauna?

I would pitch to any brand looking to devise a successful content marketing strategy to seriously consider the full potential of the following:

  • The creation of a series of wildlife related short videos spanning the length and breadth of Scotland focusing on imaging exploits and adventures to showcase it’s unique natural diversity of wildlife
  • With access to your social media portfolio, imagery from these adventures would be uploaded to encourage audience interaction with weekly and monthly performance target goals
  • Full copywriting access for blog entries from ‘on the road’
  • Live video streaming through mutual social media profiles and platforms from iconic focal locations throughout Scotland
  • Leveraging my social audience whose core interests are found in imaging, wildlife, travel and the appreciation of all things natural, an audience currently in excess of 230,000

With creative flair the above can be devised to create an incredibly well received and popular campaign. I feel the strong points to it reside in the fact that from concept through to completion, including acquisition, post production and final delivery, are all respectively and in their entirety all deliverable via one sole entity, namely me. This facilitates communication, production scheduling and deviation if required due to weather or other catalyst issues. One point of contact is better than a complete array of associated production staff in any other situation, but above all it reduces overhead, remuneration for one entity for the duration of the campaign.

Should this indeed be something any Scottish based brand would like to discuss further I would invite contact at their discretion. I have deliberately omitted key components factors that further underline and reinforce the benefits to such an undertaking, again something I would welcome discourse with in association with any potentially interested parties. I guess the one key element relates as to how exactly a brand would fit within this storyline, and therein lies the creative flair to which I pride myself on. Successful content marketing starts with the story behind your brand, where does your history take you? There is an adventure there, why not share it?

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