A New Era, with support from Kessler Crane

Kessler Crane Second Shooter Plus

It’s the call any shooter welcomes, a call that heralds a new chapter in the life as a pixel tickler. I was recently out shooting a series of short films in Northern Okinawa with just my iPhone, some of you may have seen that short series as I was quite noisy about it on social media. During that time, in fact just previous to my departure from my base in Yokohama I had an email from the marketing guys at Kessler Crane, a technical imaging engineering company who manufacture innovative tools for film makers from their headquarters in Plymouth, IN. I had been aware of their product line for quite some time, in fact I’d been commissioned by a previous client almost a year prior to fly out to Texas and school them in employing motion control for time-lapse using the Kessler Second Shooter system.

What struck me even back then was how efficient the system was, innovative straight out of the box and rugged? Man was that thing tough. So imagine my surprise when, a year later, I get an email from their marketing guys wondering if I’d like to have their support in the way of being a recipient of a new 2nd generation Second Shooter system, namely the Second Shooter Plus. “Hmmm, OK, let me think about this for a while, uhhh, yeah”. And thus this new era starts. Two weeks after returning from my smart shoot in Okinawa I found myself, after being instructed to do so, browsing through the online Kessler Store trying to decide what gear I’d like to employ with my developing time-lapse workflow.

I settled for the Second Shooter Plus with the Modular TLS (Time-Lapse System) rail to compliment that. My reason for doing so is that the ‘rail’ which doesn’t employ a standard form factor, insofar as it doesn’t use wheels or rollers in the sense that many other sliders do. The rail of the TLS system is formed from Internationally available sections of Aluminium #1030 extruded rails at lengths of up to 8 1/2ft / 2.5m which in itself is one heck of a slider. Along with a diverse array of accessories such as low level riser legs, not to mention their incredibly designed and versatile ‘kwik release’ plate for simple, efficient yet rock solid Tripod coupling I was like a kid in a candy store. It was easy to overlook the small elements such as cables and bolts and other simple things like timing belts to drive the whole system! guilty. But this in itself led to a highlighting of the attention to personal service the Kessler staff treat every client with. An efficient response to my ‘order’ was an email that guided me through the overlooked items suggesting which would be better for my case.

Made to feel like royalty, treated as such and now in possession of some of the best motion control gear on the planet the responsibility is now down to me to make this package shine, and shine it will.

Break out the sunglasses and watch this space!

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