Top 100 Popular Instagram Hashtags for Greater Visibility

popular Instagram hashtags for greater visibility

Employing the most popular Instagram hashtags is key if we’re after greater visibility for presence on that Channel. With greater visibility comes the potential to grow our audience. It’s something we all want, right? In fairness Instagram has done a great service to photography. It’s allowed people to both discover the fun that imaging brings and in many cases has allowed others to rediscover the joy of taking and sharing moments in their life that matter. Moments shared with family, friends and others are beautified or radically changed with an assortment of filters thus allowing an individual the freedom to stamp their interpretation of a scene on the World. OK so some of you, myself included, may sometimes find yourselves biting down a little on that top lip when you see just how engrossed people are in the ‘Selfie’ culture but in reality ask yourself the question; “Do I prefer them to take that picture of themselves or would I be happy if every five steps taken during a day out with my family someone stops and asks me to take a snap of them with their poodle, baby, bestie or pet Mongoose? Me? I prefer the easy life, “Live and Let Live” to coin a phrase.

Given the popularity of Instagram it therefore comes as no surprise that our works of art are soon buried amidst the estimated 80 Million daily uploads to the platform! That is unless we employ the use of #Hashtags. Using a # sign as the first character to define an image or a category to which it will be allocated allows that image to then (easily) be sourced amidst all other uploads prefixed with what is to all extents and purposes is a metatag. It goes without saying that more popular subject matter employ the use of more popular Instagram hashtags. Hard to believe that it’s actually quite the task these days to create new popular Instagram hashtags. For all common actions, sentiments and subjects to be pretty much covered with their own hashtag bears testament to the outrageous popularity of the platform. To that end a trend amongst brands is to create their own specific tag as a component element of a strategic digital content marketing campaign and then promote customer interaction by exploiting it. Most of us are not brands though, we use Instagram for the simple joy of sharing and it’s this desire to share as being the reason why I collated this list of the Top 100 most popular Instagram hashtags at the time of writing. I’ve also linked each tag back to it’s relevant search results on Instagram so folks can get a real feel for the popularity of each tag.

So What Are The Top 100 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags?

75: #black

74: #gym

73: #motivation

72: #yummy

71: #healthy

70: #instacool

69: #hot

68: #iphoneonly

67: #instapic

66: #funny

65: #instagram

64: #night

63: #baby

62: #ootd

61: #makeup

60: #cat

59: #girls

58: #cool

57: #lol

56: #party

55: #foodporn

54: #tflers

53: #hair

52: #photo

51: #sunset

50: #vsco

49: #dog

48: #lfl

47: #pretty

46: #f4f

45: #travel

44: #sky

43: #music

42: #swag

41: #followforfollow

40: #beach

39: #beauty

38: #sun

37: #vscocam

36: #bestoftheday

35: #fitness

34: #life

33: #amazing

32: #follow4follow

31: #nofilter

30: #style

29: #instagood

28: #nature

27: #likeforlike

26: #family

Phew, OK that took a bit longer than I thought it would! I hope it helped you out to locate tags that maybe you otherwise wouldn’t have known about. I must add that these are NOT in any particular order, from what I can find they are what seem to be the most often employed tags for the specific subject matter. What you will also notice is the amount of misuse that some of these tags get. Obvious spammers and serious narcissists seem to flood every possible tag with the same image which in the long run simply gets them labeled as a spammer and actually does a lot more damage to their ‘rep’ than if they were to simply upload great imagery, use appropriate tabs for the subject matter and engage with other users and imagery. Engagement is key on this platform, interact with others. There are no hard and fast ways of increasing a legitimate and organic audience. Social media, through ALL channels is an investment of time and effort. It’s just down to you how fun you make that experience…

Ohh, I almost forgot, of all the most popular Instagram hashtags, without a doubt the leading contender is something we all need to show a lot more of….

1: #LOVE

so how about you show the love with a follow? cheers….

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