Squid for Christmas!

Squid for Christmas

Squid for Christmas

Squid for Christmas? Sacrilege. The above image is courtesy of my good lady wife, Terue, and goes to show very much that whilst Christmas may be celebrated around the World, possibly as just an excuse for another public holiday, the tradition of Turkey may just be confined to a few Western palates. Funnily enough though the Japanese tend to eat and see Chicken as more of the meat of choice at Christmas with the KFC outlets in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ usually under siege during the festive season. Beyond that though, and for the majority of households, the fare tends to be pretty much the same as normal. Of all things this year we opted for Paella! Lots of Yellow sticky rice with an eclectic seafood mix thrown in to top it off. I guess having Squid for Christmas seems quite normal to my extended family, a first for me. If memory serves it was Clam last year which goes to show that nothing is traditionally set in stone. 

I guess the most taken aback wit the spread was our young lad Josh, at four years old he’s already a dab hand with the chopsticks, puts his old man to shame that’s for sure, and who was particularly keen on the Chicken. We’d opted not to go with the standard fast food outlet fare and went more with a free range option cooked with organic seasoning and as close to ‘healthy’ in our choice of batter as batter would allow. Now whilst Josh filled his belly to bursting point nothing could have prepared him for the biggest treat of the day. Chocolate Christmas Cake! Now whilst Squid may  have seemed an alien concept the idea of a Strawberry topped Christmas Cake really had me stumped, but it was awesome. And delicious! There’s got to be something said for simply not abiding by traditional standards and simply enjoying the moment with family, eating, drinking and laughing as any time spent in the presence of loved ones should always be..

Here’s to looking forward to 2017 and the adventures that may bring,

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