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20 Jan 2017
Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography

Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography

Mastering iPhone Panorama Photography may sound like a mammoth task to set yourself but in reality this imaging mode is not that difficult. In fact, all it needs are a few small, read cheap, items to help you create works of art that will leave your imaging buddies green with envy. That said it is not only the hardware that will make life easier, you have to get the technique dialled in if you are to indeed succeed in mastering […]

22 Aug 2016
iOS Imaging, simple yet powerful.

iOS Imaging, simple enjoyment.

iOS Imaging, ‘iPhoneography‘, smart photography, cell phone snaps, call them what you will but with cameras on smart devices getting ever more powerful we tend to overlook the imaging potential we have at our disposal on a daily basis. This Blog post is a simple and short ode to the incredible yet simple option to be able to add a certain professional flair to weekend family memories simply by employing a little vision, one of a multitude of creative apps […]