Why You Need to Start Adopting Video Content Marketing

Video Content Marketing is the next big thing...

Video content marketing? Is it something you’ve ever thought that could be right for your product or service? I know many folks out there associate YouTube with gamers and millennial antics but in reality YouTube is way more than that. Did you know for example that YouTube is actually the second largest search engine on the web? second only in stature to the mighty Google. Developing a YouTube Channel in order to adopt video content marketing as a progressive step in their advertising roadmap should be at the forefront of every brand with something to share. I can fully understand why some folks would frown at that; “Hey I’m only a small Restaurant, what do I have to gain by creating a YouTube presence“? Sentiments which could be shared by tradesmen, craftsmen and other such professions. I guess we need to take a closer look at the massive impact not just video, but the web in general has had on the certain sectors of industry, notably of that in print and broadcast.

Since the Internet came along the main victim of it’s massive impact has been the print industry and, to a lesser extent, the broadcast World. Pretty similar to the demise of print photography after the digital imaging revolution. What I term as ‘passion groups’ have evolved where, for example, a lepidopterist, Butterfly collector, (yes, I had to look that one up) can now go online and find a website, or YouTube Channel, that caters to their very specific interest. People go online to search for solutions to everything from Migraine Cures to Recipes for Roast Chicken or Photographic Techniques and much more besides. Whatever the public demands one can find it, in huge quantity, online. This in turn has led to a massive decline in high street sales of printed media. So much so to the extent that notable periodicals in an attempt to stay afloat have since become digitised and served in electronic form. But is that enough? It seems there’s a vendetta being waged against the print industry as technology seems to want as little to do with it as possible. It therefore comes as no surprise that video content marketing is set to become THE medium for consumer based Internet traffic as we look to the future. And we need to embrace that!

Need more convincing? Recent market research and web trends discovered and projected by leading web analytic providers suggest:

  • Video accounted for some 64% of all online content in 2014
  • By 2019 one sole individual would need 5 millions years of constant viewing in order to watch all of the video content that crosses global IP networks, in just one month!
  • 4K video format will become the norm and drive the trend for OTT – Over The Top receivers feeding web video content to UHD television screens in the home
  • by 2019 Video will account for 80% of all online consumer video content
  • By 2019 almost 1 Million minutes of video will pass through global IP Networks per second
  • Equivalent to 7Bn DVD’s is the data equivalent of Video on Demand required monthly to feed consumer content demand

Whether you’re offering tips on how to build a homemade lens heater to stop condensation on camera lenses on long overnight landscape shoots or showing people how to hypnotise a cat, yeah no kidding or to remove white heat stains from a table the fact is there is an audience for that. So to those who may dispel the need to adopt video content marketing in their brand development could be making a monumental error of judgement. Another positive, in the cost analysis sense, for those looking to hop on board the Video train is the evolution of diminished attention spans. Fortunately I don’t have teenage offspring at this time and therefore I am minus the skill set required to decipher the ‘smart’ language they use when texting each other. Everything is abbreviated in the modern World. Computer programmers constantly look at ways to create code that saves space, our social updates are limited to 140 characters on Twitter, and yet it works. When it first started Vine was a smash hit and its delivery format? Videos with a maximum duration of just 6seconds, but it worked, and massively so. Thus we need to take that on board in our attempts to introduce our product line or services offered when contemplating a video content marketing strategy.

Video production doesn’t need to break the bank. So performant are compact cameras and even Smart Device cameras these days that these, in tandem with some affordable lighting and some table top stability are sufficient to start creating your video content. It goes without saying though that hiring a service with the gear and understanding in order to create a polished video product with good production value speaks volumes. As the old saying goes “You only get one chance to impress, so make that first impression count”. As with everything promotional it comes down to the qualitative question, you get what you pay for. People are going to look longer at something that grabs their attention, that looks professional in its execution and ultimately at something that doesn’t require them to be still for too long.

In conclusion my advice goes out to Restauranteurs to digitise their menu. Short 2minute* clips per recipe with good lighting, some motion control, maybe a time-lapse or three, a well thought out script and great ambience will go down a storm across your social media platforms. This same model applies to builders, carpenters and other trades. People want to see the quality of your work rather than read about it. My advice goes out to Hotels and Accommodation providers to digitise your rooms, take people on that vicarious tour of the Penthouse suite, show them your facilities via a series of short films. Don’t try to include the complete facility in one go, give the viewer a reason to come back and ‘discover’ more about your brand. If you’re a service that,in my humble opinion, has the good fortune to be immersed in wildlife and wildlife associated tourism or of adventurous exploits then you have the cream of services to be conveying through video. You then use this media for your social updates, you bury into your blog posts and create competitions with it. Video content marketing can, and often does, awaken a creative side to a brand that has always been there simmering, ready to be exploited. Well now consumer demand will expect and devour allow those creative juices as they flow.

If you are genuinely intrigued as to how your brand or service could be conveyed through video content marketing and are based in the environs of Western Scotland be sure to reach out and see how I could be of service to you. I’m happy to sit down for a non committing chat on Skype to see what could be envisaged and conveyed through this medium.

*Social Media Tip: I suggested a 2minute clip as Twitter allows you to post a video attachment to a tweet with a maximum run time of 2min 20sec and file size of 500MB. This means that you can create a video content marketing tweet without the need for the viewer to leave the twitter environment. To give that context I have an excerpt from a recent Street Photography trip I made in Tokyo pinned to my Twitter profile. Whilst I am not too concerned about the stats for RT’s and Likes I’m over the moon with the performance. My YouTube presence is fledgling, I have but 425 subscribers at this time but that video has had almost 1,000 views in just two weeks. Other videos have received many more thousands of views in the past one, two or three months. It’s certainly something to consider as you plan your future brand marketing options.

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