Brand Development.

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Trying to stand out from your competitors requires a visually appealing and engaging campaign to attract potential future clients.

Brand visibility is your absolute key to success. Whether we like it or not Social Media is here to stay, and it is only going to become more of a necessity for emerging businesses as they seek to expand. Engaging a brand development or marketing agency can be a very costly affair which is why, for a limited number of clients, I’m proposing my being appointed to aid in a brand development plan with a comprehensive range of services. Whether you’re a private wilderness estate with huge natural appeal, a particular regional product or indeed the official tourism agency for a small Pacific Nation, this should be of interest to you. Above all it’s about identifying the adventure, story and location that is your brand and how that can best be engaged into working for you in the long term. Above and beyond your product line or service options there is a story to tell, a story that will endear you to your future clients. I seek to identify, exploit and ultimately broadcast that story on the global stage of social media. This will be accomplished with the list of ‘tasks’ as outlined later in this page.

I ‘get’ social media, I think this is simply boils down to the fact that it feeds our insatiable need for visual stimulus. We use imagery for everything from selling our services, to blame, to admire, to admonish, to criticise and to vilify. Words are not enough in this modern age as it is our eyes that attract us to the products and services that appeal to us. It is a proven statistic that social updates with links are up to three times more likely to be followed if they are associated with an image as opposed to simple text. I’m looking for brands or entities that can both identify with and visualise a long term development path exploiting highly professional mixed media originating from the natural elements of their specific location. With video touted to be the driving force for online content moving through 2017, by up to 70% according to a report by web analytics giant Cisco Systems Inc, suggests that my particular skill sets are supremely focused to yield optimum results.

For new or existing brands interested in this potential this is what I have to offer in either a consulting, provisioning or indeed more permanent role. Initial focus would be on the establishing a presence on the main network options of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube due to their respective video streaming capabilities and/or viral potential. During the time required in establishing these profiles there would be a focused acquisition campaign put into play in order to amass the foundation of promotional and marketing media. Given the workload involved this full service would only be available and offered to just four entities running concurrent at any one time.

Tasks Included

  • Evaluation of current web and social media presence
  • Creation, or the adoption, of existing social media accounts for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube as a starting point
  • Integration of the above with an existing web presence or one that would be created using the WordPress Blog framework
  • SEO evaluation and implementation of optimum keywords and key-phrases
  • Procurement of mixed media, stills and motion, for initial content and promotional use
  • Planning and development of live broadcast campaigns across Twitter, Facebook and Instagram
  • Planning and development of short, engaging product or service clips to compliment the corporate YouTube Channel
  • Continued Keyword and Key Phrase monitoring and editing via a range of cross platform applications
  • Repackaging and emulation of well received prior marketing campaign endeavours
  • Ongoing acquisition of promotional content media and editorial content, blog entries
  • Crafting and placement of a range of website CTA’s (Call’s To Action)
  • Implementation of a Behavioural Email protocol to response to web CTA’s as mentioned above.
  • Management of audience augmentation across the social media spectrum
  • Responsive audience interaction across the social range. Nothing cements customer loyalty faster than polite human interaction
  • Identifying, development and retention of brand procedures via Key Point Indicators to ensure continued visibility, growth and profitability

Now I know some folks don’t put so much priority on the social media side of things and this may just boil down to the fact of not being fully aware of the potential power it yields. This is why, in many cases, the ‘chore’ of updating the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other profile a brand may have is a task often beset to the office junior, an intern and in some cases the younger generations of a business owners family. Social media is potentially the most powerful marketing tool freely available to any business in these modern times. Results of an ill-conceived or reactionary Tweet, Update or Post can certainly have far reaching and negative impacts on the performance and even existence of a business venture. Doesn’t it therefore stand to reason that those tasked with managing the social media accounts should have a more professional and personal investment in the evolution of the brand?

Social Analytics
Just to drive home an understanding of my social media impact these are a few examples of current and accomplished analytics

  • Twitter – Current Audience in excess of 221,000 – Most viral tweet = 5000+ RT’s and 1000+ Likes
  • Twitter – Average monthly impressions across the platform – 1,100,000
  • Periscope – Largest Live Broadcast Audience to date = 101,000 with same video, a Sunrise from Mount Fuji in Japan, viewed a total of 154,000 times in two days.
  • Periscope – Current audience = 4,370
  • Instagram – Current audience = 5,100+
  • YouTube – Currently in development – Subscribers to date 415 – Monthly video views 6,000+

Should you feel that you would like to discuss this at greater length then please, feel free to reach out in the first instance via the Contact Page on this site. From there I am happy to schedule a Skype discussion at your discretion.

Let this be the day where you take the next step in your brand development, a new day, a new chapter...

Let this be the day where you take the next step in your brand development, a new day, a new chapter…