Imaging Services

I Offer a Full Range of Professional Imaging Services

Underwater CameramanFrom the depths of the deep blue seas to the frigid tips of snow encrusted mountains. If you have a project that others seem reluctant to take, drop me a line. I excel in situations that require long bouts of isolated solitude. All I need is a brief, a compass bearing, some lunch money and a comprehensive understanding of what's needed. In all seriousness this scenario has actually existed between certain clients and I in my adventures to date. With wildlife filming being such an uncertain field one has to bring their 'A' Game at all times, Mother Nature seldom gives second chances.

It's not all just wildlife and landscapes though. I relish the potential to photograph people as much as I do wildlife and landscapes. For me the challenge is to capture an image or sequence in a way that makes a viewer stop and think for just a moment "Now how the heck did he do that"? this I believe is the biggest challenge these days given the multitude of professional imaging entities and services within our societies. One has to create a visual aesthetic to rise above the competition, and this is my driving goal.

Below is just a small selection of the kinds of imaging I like to take. If you have a specific shot request simply reach out and drop me an email, cheers.


As a photographer I don't adhere to just one or two genres. For me the challenge is to accomplish something few people have either the time or patience for, and to do it well. From extreme Macro applications, high speed water droplet collisions and long duration time-lapse I relish the idea and challenge that any imaging situation may bring.

Imaging Genres

I tend to specialise in Wildlife, Landscape, Portraiture and Macro Focus Stacking / Product photography. That said I also regularly shoot Time-lapse, Star Trails and Night Skies, High Speed and Stop Motion Photography. I am also able to teach all of the above as it outlined in the Teaching segment of this website.

Strategic Solutions

I welcome all and any discussions with potential clients who feel they have an project idea that needs careful appraisal. Having served 12yrs with varying military units I have a deep appreciation for comprehensive planning and risk assessment for any project. I base any relationship on the ethics of professionalism, safety and reliability in order to deliver an end product above and beyond client expectations.

Sometimes you gotta take one for the team, the scars make the memories all that sweeter...

You'll often find the largest smiles are given by those in society who generally have the least...

Macro focus stacking is a fantastic way to convey life in miniature, if the bug sits still.

Mount Fuji at Sunset, few settings can be as serene and peaceful as this.

Urban imaging is something that I like to play with, especially with super wide angle lenses.

Travel Photography gives rise to questions, "What came first, the Chicken or the Cloud"?

Tokyo Towers, imposing but a different perspective. Looking up has its advantages.

Standing on a beach with a long lens is like prospecting for diamonds, luck and timing yield the gems.

Hanging out with a Tiger Shark in South Africa. That's me filming; image © Bora Mutlu

Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay, just another bridge across the water shot..

The Ocean plays a vital role in my life. It gives me serenity and strength at the same time.

Ladybird bug covered in dewdrops. Macro focus stacking at play.

A one shot macro at 1:1, we have wildlife all around us, we just need to see it.

Shot with an iPhone and edited on the same. Smart devices offer an incredible tangent to imaging.

Donut roads and rail tracks across Tokyo Bay, the lines for the Yurikomome New Transport

I go by the name of 'PixelHobo' as I am to all extents and purposes a slave to the pixel...