Okinawa Based Wildlife Cameraman

Okinawa Based Wildlife Cameraman

For all your production needs from the Ryukyu Islands


...is an incredible setting for wildlife encounters. From the white sandy beaches, shallow fringing reefs and verdant rolling hills there exist many environments each with their own set of wildlife characters to be seen. Many shark species can be encountered in these waters such as Hammerhead, Tiger and Bull along with other more lethargic reef species. Nudibranchs and other macro critters along with schools of multicoloured fish can be encountered in many of the dive sites.

Rolling green hills dominate the Northern segment of the island and are home to what is locally known as the 'Yanbaru', a huge swathe of dense and tropical jungle that serve as home to a myriad of wildlife, many of them only found on Okinawa, truly endemic species. Sadly there are also a growing number of species whose existence is listed on the IUCN Red List of threatened and endangered species. This in part is down to human encroachment on this pristine region as well as the scourge of illegal wildlife collectors.

Documenting this location is a pleasure. Plans are afoot to create a short five to seven day course where I will take people with their own gear and an understanding of basic filming skills and introduce them to the world of wildlife filming. This will also focus on the fact that it's not always the camera that counts but the story. The below film was shot on an iPhone. Enjoy.

Multiple Formats

Whether you're looking for 4K UHD solutions or even up to 8K for time-lapse segments we can deliver. The demands of wildlife filming allow us to employ smaller more compact systems which for the most part are concealed and camouflaged to stand the best chance of accomplishing that ever illusive and seldom witnessed behavioural footage.

Creative Vision

A shot list is just that, a shot list, it remains as such until one is able to visually understand the lay of the land. Documenting a certain species in a specific location can only be carried out once an honest appraisal has been made of all relevant factors. A pre-shoot recce allows for the development of a feasibility report on shot list requests.

Cost Effective

I understand the complexities of wildlife project funding and budgeting. Personally I prefer to see a greater percentage of the budget attributed to production value than to catering and pandering to talent. I'm happy to sit out in the elements, for weeks at a time if needed, with adequate protection whilst waiting for that defining behavioural shot.