Sea Wild Earth, the Essence of Scotland

Scotland is a land of magnetic character. Its rugged shores battered by millennia of Atlantic storms. It serves as home to Ben Nevis, the UK’s highest peak and is permeated with waterways and Lochs, none of which conjure more mystery than Loch Ness. It is a land of starkly contrasting character. Home to a myriad of wildlife ranging from playful Otters on the Isle of Mull and beyond to Basking Sharks, Humpback Whales, Dolphin, Orca and multiple species of Seal complete the ‘A’ List roster of marine attractions. Scotland is also home to a stunning array of terrestrial wildlife that include impressive avian predatory species such as the Golden Eagle and White Tailed Sea Eagle. Additional land species include Red Deer, Badger, Pine Marten, Mountain Hares, Red Squirrels and the most elusive of all truly Scottish wildlife, the Wild Cat.

It is planned that along these jagged shorelines, amidst the nature and atop these rolling hills that I will start to document the magic of Scotland as of  February 2017. Beyond the incredible diversity of wildlife as mentioned the land itself is ultimately an aesthetic wonderland of undulating granite, grass and marshlands. I will be looking to explore Scotland to share its magic, maybe impart some of its secrets with you and reveal it’s rugged and wild heart by way of my YouTube presence. My reason for this undertaking is borne of a desire to create tutorials for folks interested in wildlife and nature imaging. Beyond that it simply stems from a desire to share the wonder and diversity of nature that Scotland has to offer. I’ll be highlighting the gear I use, how I employ that in the wildlife imaging role and maybe even letting slip with some tricks and tips along the way.

Whilst I am in the very infancy of my YouTube presence I have started out on the path of promoting this additional platform across my social network profiles. Building an organic following, one that is neither purchased or enticed via paid advertising, is time intensive, there are no short cuts. That said I am already growing by around 125+ new subscribers a month and racking up 6,000+ video views in that same timeframe. It is at this time that I’d also like to bring up the topic of Channel sponsorship and brand involvement.

Scotland defined by Sea Wild and Earth

Current YouTube Channel stats, the only way is up! There is no Network affiliation at this time, Social Blade is simply behind the times in that regard.

I welcome the input of manufacturers looking to support this venture as a vehicle for their product line. Whilst I am currently supported by a small number of brands each of which add tremendous production value to both my still and motion imaging endeavours I feel there is some available room for non-conflicting sponsors moving forward. These potential partnerships require, above all, a financial input dependent on the level of exposure required by the potential sponsor. These can be broken down as such:

  • Channel Sponsor – This Entity will be the main Channel sponsor and as such have their Corporate Logo appear at the beginning of all content videos, on the custom thumbnail of the video and linked through the video information. Their pre-roll credit will be in a ‘Bought to You by’ role . This entity will have at most two product items promoted monthly in the BTS ‘Making Of’ films to accompany the main Monthly production. – Cost £1,000pcm
  • Second Tier Sponsor – Two slots for this option each of which will receive end of film ‘In Association with’ credits and will also appear in the editorial video details with an external link. These entities will also receive one product endorsement product each within the BTS ‘Making Of’ videos for the month. – Cost £500pcm

As you can see there are only three slots available. “So where do we benefit given the Channel is thus far pretty unknown” could be the main question a potential sponsor could ask. Quite simply the ROI will come from the cross network promotions. I will be sharing the visual stimulus of location imagery from throughout Scotland direct to my audience across the social realm, sponsors will be incorporated into that. BTS imagery of the equipment in use whilst on location will also be shared via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Google Plus. Where possible there will also be live feeds via Periscope, Facebook Live and Instagram Live streams.

My Social Footprint
In order to give a selection of easily checked analytics the following gives some indication of the potential exposure I offer Channel partners.

  • Twitter – current audience = 221,030 with a monthly average of 1,100,000 impressions across the platform – Most viral Tweet = 5,031 RT’s and 1,103 Likes
  • Instagram – Current Audience = 5,135
  • Periscope – Current audience = 4,370 – Most successful broadcast live audience size – 101,000 Sunrise from Mount Fuji
  • YouTube – Current Audience – 413 Subscribers – 6,000+ Video Views per Month.

Initial face value the outset it seems there’s no value with being associated with the YouTube venture but that certainly changes when one looks into the analytics of my combined social footprint as outlined. Sponsorship funding is so as to allow me to run the channel without it becoming a financial burden given the shortlisted locations and subject matter identified for the first planned year of shooting. Should you feel that your corporate body would benefit from inclusion in this venture then I simply ask that you contact me at your leisure to discuss at greater length.

Services Available
Whilst the creation of content is a time consuming task I offer my services to local entities seeking to create their own presence. Please note that I will only consider aiding with entities within the realms of imaging in which I excel, these being wildlife, nature and outdoor pursuits. I believe that one has to be personally invested and interested in a subject in order for the resulting imagery and production value to shine through. These services would be limited in availability to a maximum of three entities at any one time looking to create content on a fortnightly basis. This then leaves time for research, audience interaction and marketing whilst planning subsequent video productions. A range of services are offered in this option which include, but don’t limit to;

  • Complete creation and administrative preparation of the Channel aesthetic – Header Artwork, Account Info, Setting up Monetisation Options including AdSense accounts etc
  • Creation of a Professional standard teaser trailer for all new Channel viewers to optimise potential subscriptions
  • Complete creative input into programming and mini-series potential
  • Full production support, cameras, lighting and microphones etc
  • Complete Editing with Titles and subsequent encoding for best broadcast quality
  • Uploading the finalised product to the Channel at the prescribed release date
  • My sharing of your content to my social networks as listed above, an additional 230,000+ potential viewers of your information and services

Interested parties are asked to contact me for a non-committal chat to discuss rates and options if they are intrigued as to what the could accomplish with their own Channel.