Teaching and Guiding

Teaching and Guiding Photographic Services in Japan
Time Travel, sounds kinda wild and yet it encompasses the art of time-lapse with the journeys people make to engage in the art of photography. Over the years I’ve often been asked about teaching and courses as I tend not to advertise that aspect overtly. Rather than try to get folks to fit to my schedule I look to offer them the freedom of getting me to fit to their schedule. If I set up confined periods where I’m available it could well be that someone misses out on that opportunity due to a conflict of available dates in their schedule. To that end I do offer a very simple and straight forward approach to training, courses and guiding. I am available at any time to fit into the dates you have available, it’s as simple as that. I’ve put together some outlines for what these scenarios entail and the associated costs below.

Minimum Number of Students: 1
Maximum Number of Students: 4
Minimum Engagement Period: 1 Day
Maximum Engagement Period: 4 Days
Price Per Student, Per Day: US$275.00

Teaching & Courses – Basic Time-lapse – 1 Day
I welcome the opportunity to teach in any of the areas in which I excel photographically, these being the genres of time-lapse and macro. My approach again is pretty free with regards to boundaries. When people hire or engage my service I don’t put limitations on what I will be sharing within the confines of that particular genre based on the price they pay. If someone books me for a day to teach them static time-lapse for example I will share all I can within the constraints of the commissioning period that allows for a complete and successful engagement of that time. It will allow us the opportunity to discuss what the student requires and put that into practice and as such get real and hopefully pleasing results from it. For this training I will be using a selection of intervalometers by Canon, Miops and Timelapse+ as a way of introducing the diversity of third party hardware options available to the time-lapse photographer. This option does not cater to the shooting of ‘Holy Grail’ or day to night / night to day transitional sequences.

Teaching & Courses – Advanced Motion Controlled Time-lapse – 2 Days – 9am to 9pm
Adding motion to that time-lapse can be both as simple or as complex as you desire. With this package I teach my students by utilising my Kessler Crane Second Shooter controller and TLS Rail System. For the most part all motion control sliders and panning devices work on the same principle of a move – shoot – move scenario, that is the slider and motion control head are programmed to travel a determined distance, stop, trigger the camera and then continue the travel. All of this incrementally over a programmed distance and time. This teaching option also includes detailed instruction on how to shoot and accomplish professional looking ‘Holy Grail’ sequences, these being those silky smooth transitions between day and night or night and day. Sunsets and Sunrises.

9N7A2247The iconic Mount Fuji as seen from the shores of Lake Shoji

Teaching and Guiding – Wild Camping & Time-Lapse Bonanza around Mt. Fuji Region: 3 Days
I have a unique approach in many ways. When I go looking for imagery of Mount Fuji I go for that, I don’t go for the luxurious Spas or Hotel options that abound in the region, I go with the fixed mind to shoot imagery. This means I stay out in the wild for the duration of this three days option. This comes as a bit of a shock to some but for me the idea of spending the night snoozing between the blankets of a cozy warm bed is simply a waste of the hours that could, should be spent shooting the night skies around this iconic landmark. I sleep under vehicle tarps and carry all the gear on my back. I eat rubbish food from convenience stores and stop when I can if there are options of a hot meal. Apart from that it is out there, moving and shooting, getting the best out of the available time. Too much time will be spent at the computer or resting once returned so make the most of it. This option merges everything, static and motion time-lapse, astrophotography and long exposure daylight imaging using ND filters etc. It is an option that should only be taken by people willing to put up with the conditions as outlined.

Please note that there is also a variation of the above but for a duration of 6 Days with one night in accommodation half way through the adventure so as to be able to recharge all batteries and transfer cards to HDD’s etc.

Teaching and Guiding – Urban Time-Lapse Bonanza around Tokyo / Yokohama: 2 Days
Adventures abound for the time-lapse shooter in and around the Tokyo region. From bustling ports, roadways and driverless trains to observation towers, waterfront vistas and city skylines. In my time in Tokyo I’ve found some vantage points that allow for dynamic time-lapse sequences. Take advantage of that knowledge and set up a timetable to make the most of that based on what you need. I’d suggest the best initial step is to contact me via Skype: seawildearth and we can take it from there.

RainbowBridge-9N7A1720Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo Bay, always a favourite amongst photographers.

Street Photography Guide
If you simply want someone to show you around some of the cool areas of Tokyo, some of the vibrant markets, crazy road crossings, rail bridges and other vantage points then no worries. I am available to suit that need.

Global Trip Planning and Logistics
So you have a confirmed group of photographers and a location you want to document but because you are working 9 to 5 you need help to plan it all out? No worries, I can take care of that for you. From flights, accommodation and all other aspects of the trip depending on the elements you wish to photograph I can take charge and get it all planned and sorted. Additionally I can, if you wish, take the role of guide and educator for the duration. Helping out with shooting obstacles, technique and maybe even language too as I speak English, French, Spanish, some German, a little Indonesian and a sprinkling of Japanese.

I’m here and available to suit your time schedule. If you’re visiting Japan for a long weekend or more and just want a day to blow out some cobwebs then no worries. If on the other hand there is something specific you want to shoot within the realms of time-lapse imaging then that can also be arranged. Don’t be fooled into thinking these outlines are cast in stone, far from it. They are intended to give you an idea of what is potentially available but of your idea is to head off and do something completely different then that is also fine. Whatever you need imaging wise and whatever may be in my kit bag or in my knowledge is readily available to make your time-lapse adventure in Japan just that, an incredible adventure. I’ve posted my recent award winning film ‘Fujiyama’ below to show you just what is possible within the immediate vicinity of my base here in Japan.

I am also available to travel anywhere globally at the behest of the client. If they have a specific piece of machinery that they are not sure of then I can research that and get up to speed in order to teach them on it. That scenario has been played out before and I found myself being driven around Texas and Louisiana for a period of some 8 days back in late 2015, an incredible experience to shoot in the Bayou’s and waterways of that region.